Janet Rozo





I specialize in wildlife/nature photography. I have traveled to Montana, Oregon, Washington, Costa Rica, and all over the state of Florida (my home state) to get my pictures. My love of nature can now be shared through my photographs.

My camera of choice is the Nikon N80. The lenses that have been used are the Sigma 70-300mm, Nikkor 24-85mm, Nikkor 35-80mm, and the Nikkor 105mm.

I have participated in Fotofusion for the last three years in downtown Delray, Florida, and been a member of the Palm Beach Photographic Center since December 2000. I have gone to several of their lecture series conducted at the center.

I attended Nikon School of Photography at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida in February 2002.

I have taken part in two mentor workshops through Popular Photography and traveled to Montana and Oregon. At these workshops, I have worked closely with Darrell Gulin, Adam Jones, George and Grace Schaub and Brenda Tharp.

On May 24, 1999, I was awarded second prize in the WHISKAS "What's Your Cat Like" contest.

Enjoy my gallery of pictures as much as I have enjoyed taking them.